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Terri Schindler - Schiavo & The Case for Death

[Over the Years Links to transcripts/depositions and authorities have disappeared from the net – some i will try to refind - this may take several weeks to re-find and re-edit this whole write-up. ]

The Case for Death

The Right to Truth.
The Right to Justice.
The Right to Die.
The Right to Live.
The Right to Appeal.

How about just the Right to right?

All through the Terri Schiavo Shindler coverage I have noticed time and again the blatantly repeated inaccuracies reported by doctors, lawyers, media, and commentators.

The reason I know them to be inaccuracies because I took the time to go and find and read the facts.
Court records; transcripts; Affidavits; depositions; etc…

update 2008 (Link above disappeared: try here at archive for many many documents)
Where to begin?

Again and again it is reported that Terri’s condition was caused by a bulimic reactive sponsored heart attack.
Yet, Hospital admission records show that there were no enzymes showing heart attack.

Terri, according to these Hospital Admin tests, never suffered a heart attack.

There are court transcripts in which Michael Schiavo has alluded his ‘wife’ (sic) never had an eating disorder. (need to re-find this)
Hospital admin records show that tests for amphetamines, and diet pills were not found.

Yet the accurate record continues to be ignored, as it has by the courts, and the public is misinformed.

Is it lazy journalism that parrots inaccuracies, or some agenda?

The vast difference of reporting watching CNN vs. Fox news, the wording of the polls, the statements of the experts, and production of actual witnesses, seems to point to both, with the latter a dominate strain.

On CNN you find the Schaivo’s; on Fox one finds the Schindlers.

From either, one sees a completely different version of reporting, witnesses, polls, and a completely different stance from experts…except for a few cases

I couldn’t figure out why such diversity was present until you started to recognize that experts were influenced by a deep commitment to either Life or Death when you checked their backgrounds.

And it seemed to me that the case for ‘death’ from experts was always consistant with the inaccurate reporting of the actual facts.

There are many questions that have never been answered about what happened to Terri Schiavo.

The courts have ruled that whatever originaly happened to her are not important to the issue before it.

Michael Schiavo who has appeared on Larry King Live (CNN) many times is on record as having stated that he heard a “THUD” at 4:30 in the morning and found Terri lying in the hallway.
In yet another interview he stated he heard a 'thud' at 5:00 in the morning.

He stated in interviews and court transcripts that he found her lying face down. He turned her over and held her – and then laid her down and raced to call 911.

In yet another statement he would add that he "shook her" (re-find his statement)
[I believe that particular addition was made in Oct. 2000 after the abuse charges were coming out at last - a last second addition to cover 'shaken syndrome' in case he was charged?]

He has stated paramedics arrived within 4-5-6 minutes (depending on which transcript one reads)

The paramedic report states that they arrived to find Terri lying face down, half in, and half Out of the bathroom doorway (not much room position for 2 people on that floor)
Bobby Schindler reports that Terri was laying face down when he arrived.

Did Michael roll her back over onto her face again before racing to call 911? Or did the lap hugging never occur?

According to Michaels rendition of this timeframe only a few minutes past before racing to call 911 and only 5-6 minutes more before paramedics arrived.

[This is one of the problems with trying to investigate things from the internet;
Is the source reliable? I’ll point that out right now before continuing. I have a couple things writen up here that i have to further investigate and perhaps edit. But Only a couple.]

I have found on the net an indication that there is on many sites a paramedic report that states:
… that they arrived at 6:33...

but later I found a Police report(updated 08) that seems to indicate that it was the police that actually arrived at 6:33 - this would mean the paramedics, who were already there, of course, arrived earlier…(so people should be a lot more careful about how they label reports which confuses the putting of facts together –- not to be confused with speculation : )

Later I would find that the paramdics were called at 5:40...if they arrived between 5-6 minutes as Michael claims then...

I have looked high and low and have yet to find anyone who has asked my following question.
My question for Mr. Michael Schiavo, would be:
What occurred between 4:30 and 5:40,[or 5:00 and 5:40] Michael, as Terri lay dieing on the floor, and why did it take you between an hour an 10 minutes, to 40 minutes, to call for help?

How long did Terri lie in the hall? What was said in 911 call?

Michael knew CPR...he also claims in deposition that he did not give CPR.


He says he panicked.
For an hour??

Michael has claimed so many diferent versions of the nights events.
He came home at 11:30; he came home at 12:00; he came home at 2:00
Terri was up; Terri was not up; Terri was asleep; I kissed her goodnight;I don't remember; (re-find these sources)
He said he called Bobby Schindler- he never called Bobby Schindler - He did call Robert Schindler, who told Michael to call 911 immediately, and then Robert called his son Bobby.
Michael lied under oath. He never called Booby.
In January, 2000, testimony before Greer, Michael testified “I held her in my arms until her brother got there”
See Bobby's & Paramedic report(re-find )...Terri was lying on her face gasping/gurgling when they arrived...
just another untruth by Michael of holding her lovingly in his lap- "I turned her over going, “Terri, Terri. You okay?”

Why does Michael's malpractice attorney, Gary Fox, remember an entirely different story of the nights events that they must have presented as the malpractice evidence?

One night, Michael and Terri had had dinner. And she had had a large meal, and not long after the meal, he heard a thumping sound in the couple's bathroom, went to investigate, found Terri lying on the floor of the bathroom. She had just purged, apparently, or vomited, binged, which is what bulimics do and had a heart attack. And by the time that fire rescue arrived at the Schiavo home, why, she had suffered severe brain damage.

They had dinner at 4:00 in the morning after Michael came home from work at 2:00 ?

But wait they couldn't have, because Michael woke up at 4 when he heard a 'thud'...

Did Michael invent a nice story for his attorney to use to reinforce a 'bulimia' theory of her collapse aganist earlier doctors, who couldn't have diagnosed it if it was an invention?

But there's more...

Why did the paramedics think there was something suspicious about the scene (crime scene?) and call in the police?
Why did the police never investigate beyond the first suspicions of paramedics?

It is reported over and over that Terri aspirated on vomit- but there is no mention anywhere of vomit being present anywhere in any reports that I have read.

The actual police record was somehow damaged – according to them- so we have to take the word of the writer that his rendition of it is word for word – the only reason to cover it up would be to protect themselves of later poor investigation allegations…the police report can be seen in tha link above:

Not much revealing in it jumps out at me except for one major Factor that generally would spur a policeman to investigate a little closer than appears to have been done.

Michael states that he and Terri had not argued!
Yet we now know that they indeed did have an argument, that day, because she had spent money to have her hair done.

Michael Lied.

Why do liars lie?

We know that if Michael had been truthful and admitted that they had actually argued just That DAY, the police would have been prone to hang on to whatever suspicion had peeked the paramedics to call them out.

But Michael lied.

Why did police not investigate further?

Perhaps it’s because the hospital never determined what caused Terri to collapse.

Despite the repeated news reports that Terri had a bulimic reaction and suffered a heart attack the hospital records indicated that tests showed she did not! have a heart attack…

Michael has told us all in transcripts and Live TV that he wanted to become a ‘nurse’ so he could take care of his 'wife'…
Yet we all know from the records, if we have bothered to read them, that since 1993 he has done everything in his power to make certain she received NO TREATMENTS.

So what really motivated Michael to devote that time to learn about medicine?
Ponder that one…

Complete report of Dr. William Hammesfahr excerpt: In the Emergency Room, a possible diagnosis of heart attack was briefly entertained, but then dismissed after blood chemistries and serial EKG's did not show evidence of a heart attack. Similarly, a pulmonary or lung cause of the disorder was ruled out in the Emergency Room after normal blood gases and Chest X-Rays were obtained. The possibility of toxic shock syndrome was also entertained. The diagnosis of the cause of her condition was unknown. Her admission laboratory studies showed low potassium level, markedly elevated glucose level, and a normal toxic screen without evidence of diet pills or amphetamines.

Terri never suffered a heart attack - as continually portrayed by the misinformed media.
No diet pills – bulimia?...
Her admission laboratory studies showed low potassium level, markedly elevated glucose level...
Although low potassium levels can, and do, cause heart attack the tests state there was no evidence of a heart attack.

Her heart did indeed stop but not from a heart attack.

Again to be balanced - I have found several places on the net that subscribe to opinions that Dr. Hammestahr is nothing more than a quack...but one can't dispute the actual Hospital Admin record- for he did not write it.
...and NETsaying someone is a quack doesn't necessarily make him a NETduck.

I went to research what could cause low potassium level and elevated glucose levels and a repeated theme seemed to be returned by Google questing:
Hypoglycemic shock

And a poisonous fruit called ackee, only grown in Southern Florida in the entire continental USA; also grown & served in restaurants in the Caribbean, it is very carefully prepared because very few parts of it can be eaten without causing coma, seizures, and what is called ‘Jamaica vomiting’, a hypoglycemic-A reaction, and about 80% death rate.

I’ll have to read further into the symptoms and effects of each of these, but pathology seems to track for each. How far down the grapevine lies bulimia?

It is strange how just those words can zero in on a pathology that runs so very parallel.

Now, I also found: Water pills are most frequently implicated when the potassium is low. Some antidepressants and water pills can cause the sodium and chloride to be low. (somewhere i seem to recall that diuretics were not found though- will have to recheck)

… a normal toxic screen…
What exactly does that mean? What does that test, test for?

Time after time one hears on the news that Terri suffered a heart attack – can you imagine being bed-ridden, and unexercised, for 15 years and not having another one if you had a bad heart?

Can you figure out how a person with this alleged bulimic reactive sensitivity to body chemistries could last 14 days of being starved and dehydrated without her heart stopping sooner?

The inconsistencies just don’t add up.

Is there any reason to believe that Terri's admission record noting these potassium and glucose levels are red flags?
I’m not a doctor so I don’t know.

But, the reason I asked google when I read those potassim glucose lines is because I wanted to see if she'd give me any indication at all for INSULIN without forcing it out of her mouth.
Because there is indeed an avadavat from a nurse claiming the exact symptoms 5 times after Shiavo left her room...
When Michael visited Terri, he always came alone and always had the door closed and locked while he was with Terri. He would typically be there about twenty minutes or so. When he left Terri would would be trembling, crying hysterically, and would be very pale and have cold sweats. It looked to me like Terri was having a hypoglycemic reaction, so I’d check her blood sugar. The glucometer reading would be so low it was below the range where it would register an actual number reading. I would put dextrose in Terri’s mouth to counteract it. This happened about five times on my shift as I recall. Normally Terri’s blood sugar levels were very stable due to the uniformity of her diet through tube feeding. It is my belief that Michael injected Terri with Regular insulin, which is very fast acting. continue...It is her evaluation that the husband may have been injecting Terri with insulin.
About 5 times on her shift?
How many times has it happened unnoticed over 15 years if at all?
What effect would it have on her health if so?

Why did Michael feel it necessary to ‘lock’ the door so no one would blunder in on him?

"Our hearts would race and we were always looking out for Michael, because we knew that, not only would Michael take his anger out on us, but he would take it out more on Terri. We spoke of this many times."

Now if you read the two nurse's affidavits above you'll see other simularities...

Why had all positive-written evaluations, by nursing staff, about Terri's condition and progress, been removed, time and again, from Terri's charts year after year, no matter the facility she was sent to?

What would be the necessity to remove nursing comments that showed Terri as a living breathing interactive human being?

As far as I know, from reading, even a Doctor can not remove or change writen documentation in a patients chart/s.

How was this allowed and condoned?
Collussion at a higher level?

What would the patient history look like to anyone reviewing it? (especialy to those who evaluated her without ever bothering to go look at her)

Or to those who evaluated her by watching Michael on TV...
KING: Did she ever speak since 1990?
SCHIAVO: "Terri never has spoken a word. "

Maybe the Tely has you convinced she's been braindead since 1990, and has never spoken a word, butt
Michael lied...
BayFront Medical physical examination 6/27/90...excerpt page 1:
"There was no verbal output during this exam, but it has been reported by husband and other family members and therapists over at College Harbor."

Why and how was Terri allowed to deteriorate from what appears to have been positive functioning and interaction?

How many other cases of shredding of patient history is taking place nationally while staff is silenced with termination threats?

Seems to be alot of 'termination' and 'removal' going on behind closed doors.

In my investigating I have seen now, there are alot of people to benefit and profit by keeping those doors closed.

So what went on behind Terri's closed doors?

Is there any reason to believe that Michael Schiavo has ever tried to kill his ‘wife’?
Have you followed the case and read the depositions?

I hadn't.
I now have.

First let’s address this fallacy that Michael has only been trying to kill his ‘wife’ since 1998 when he applied to the courts to have Terri’s feeding tube removed.
Michael has tried repeatedly, in the open, to kill Terri since 1993.
Michael would call it her 'wishes' but let's get the record right.
Long before 1998 Michael has been on a mission. (updated link 08)

NOTE: I will address the bonescans, CT scan, allegations of strangulation symptoms, and Terri’s broken bone truama injuries further on.

In November of 1992 Michael was awarded monies in a malpractice suit he brought in which he sought 16 -20 million dollars for the long term care of his ‘wife’.
At no time in this suit did Michael ever recall that ‘his wife’ did not want to live in this condition.
In fact, The award sought was calculated on how long they thought Terri’s life expectancy was and how much money he would need to care for her, including all therapy she would need. I believe it was to age 51 (dead link updated 08)

The initial Guardianship plan submitted by Michael on September 5, 1990, in the Sixth Circuit Court, shows in writting that Michael has/had/ no intentions of providing Terri with therapy for the following year in the plan.
Fill in the blanks...
excerpt from Guardianship plan, page 2:
What rehabilitative services are planned to assist the ward to regain lost capacities ? (if applicable)
a. Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy -- "Not useful at this time"

Maybe i should have put 'fill in the blanks' here

Did Michael ever plan to assist Terri in regaining lost capacity? __
Did Michael know when he filed a lawsuit to take care of Terri's medical and therapy needs that he had filled out guardianship indicating he wasn't going to give any? ___
Did Michael ever intend for Terri to recover? __

Michael in the 1992 lawsuit would tell the jury - sniff sniff - How much he loved Terri - and how much he believed in his wedding vows -
I want to take care of her for the rest of my Life - in sickness and health - til death do us part... sniff sniff, Subliminal.
...and then,Michael went home and euthanized Terri's cats (updated dead link 08) and melted down Terri's wedding rings to make jewerly for himself.

Whadda 'loving husband'!!

He would even blame Terri's Mother for snuffing the cats when his actions were brought to light [Gotta keep up that sainthood persona] - Which the VET would later
set the record straight on. Michael lied.

Actually I got my timelines mixed up, by the time he had gone to malpractice court he had already killed the cats so that he could move in with Cindy Shook who had a dog.
Then of course he never moved in with Cindy cause it would look bad in court - However by that time it was, unnecessarily, to late for the nonterminal cats...

Why do I keep showing Michael's lies?
It goes to credibility.
Did Terri ever really tell Michael she wouldn't want to Live? __

By Feb.14 1993, less than a month after receiving his award/s to care for Terri, Michael got into a verbal fight with Terri’s parents in her room when the parents asked when he was going to begin Therapies for Terri -– after all- -some time had gone by with NONE.
It's seems a reasonable question, after having received funds to do so...
[in his own words, Michael told them, "that he had not received any money" –(see transcript Larry King Live)] and told them to mind their own business. (according to the Schindlers).

Now what’s a parent to think?

Michael Lied. He had received the monies. They knew he had recieved the award/ Why lie?

Things don't smell right in Denmark!

From this moment on the parents went into gear to get Terri proper Care/therapy.

and Michael has fought them every step of the way.

Please keep in mind that this deception, painted for the Public by Michael & Company, that he has always provided Terri with the best of care and rehab is artware. He paints a nice picture while whitewashing the original canvas.

When asked about Rehab -He always jumps back to what he did in 91 and 92; He never can relate anything that he has done since , and always ends his brushstrokes with:
"She never even has had a bedsore!" says Michael.
[Thank goodness for some nurses who would not follow Michael's, do not touch, orders]

At first Michael did have Terri's insurance providing her with Care and rehab. At least up until he recieved his reward. He had to show that she needed Care and Rehabilitation, in court, while he sought funds for it. But as soon as funds were recieved the next stage of the plan kicked in.

Within months after receiving this award, [in 1993] in which Terri had her own account of reportedly 7-800 thousand dollars for her care and therapy, Michael had not only given orders that no therapy would be given, but when Terri came down with a Urinary Tract Infection, Michael gave orders that, Terri’s Life Expectancy was going to be a lot shorter than calculated by the malpractice suit, and that, her infection was NOT TO BE TREATED.

It was recently discovered (September 2003) that sometime in the year of 1993 a file was completed on Terri Schiavo at a Pinellas County funeral home.


Terri has/had/ never been 'terminal'.

How exactly did Michael plan on Terri dieing in 1993 when he called the funeral home?

Michael has never had any intention, once he had Terri's money, to treat Terri, nor to let her live to age 41, let alone 51.

So please, let's put this falacy away that Michael for years and years tried to take Care of Terri, and when he grudgingly thought 7 years later, that all hope was gone that only then did he decide to remove Terri's nutritional and hydration tube.
It's obvious. Michael lied.

In deposition Michael admits that a doctor had told him that not treating a urinary infection could cause sepsis, and without antibiotics Terri would die.
Michael gave orders, only months after receiving monies to care for his “wife for the rest of her life”, that Terri was going to die by withholding antibiotics.

The facility (Sable Palms? re-find) fought him on this however and administered antibiotics against his wishes. According to transcripts Michael states that there was ‘some law’ forbidding it, so he had to ‘back off’.

Since 1993 Mr. Schiavo has been on a do not resuscitate campaign, despite the fraud he perpetrated in court to receive awards to take care of his ‘wife’ for the rest of her life.
A very short Life if Michael had anything to do with it.

Since 1993, or before, Schiavo, has sought any and every means to have his ‘wife’ terminated.

It seems that it wasn’t until Michael became much better versed in how to terminate Terri's Life that he suddenly remembered that ‘Terri would not want to live this way’.
In THIS he had finally found his formula.
A law that wouldn’t make him back off as he had had to do before.

Perhaps one can see the progressive pattern of learning as he went along. The first was deception for award to care for his ‘wife’, and when he didn’t get 16-20 million, then he renegged on ALL promises he made (including a home for the Schindlers with nursing quarters) and he proceeded to calculate how to best get his hands on Terri’s CARE and Therapy money.
The only way for that, was if Terri died before the money was all used up.

As of 2001 (I believe it was - refind info) ALL of Terri's Rehab money was still in her account collecting interest...Michael never spent the principle on her care...that money would go to him if she died.

Did Michael Schiavo really love and care for his ‘wife’?

Sensory deprivation
Deprivation of external sensory stimulation, as by prolonged isolation.
Sensory deprivation
The reduction or absence of usual external stimuli or perceptual opportunities, commonly resulting in psychological distress and sometimes in unpleasant hallucinations.
A natural or experimentally arranged situation in which stimulation of a subject's senses is greatly reduced. Experiments have included floating subjects in soundproof water chambers. Though short periods of sensory deprivation can be relaxing, extended deprivation can result in extreme anxiety, hallucinations , bizarre thoughts, depression, and antisocial behavior. Sensory deprivation experiments have demonstrated that humans need constant sensory contact with their environment in order to function.
…A subjects senses are greatly reduced… humans need constant sensory contact with their environment in order to function.

In later years (after 1997 i believe- re-find)Why would Michael remove Terri’s music? Her radio
Order that her window blinds could not be opened for sunlight?
Refused to let Terri go outside?
Refused to fix her wheelchair?
Refused Terri’s parent’s visitations for extended periods of time.
Refused other people’s to visit without his consent
Took all flowers and pictures out of the room

It just baffles me that peoples and the courts could refuse to recognize the inhuman torture and abuse that went on in Terri’s life.
Sensory deprivation is considered to be inhumane and torture.

Nurse’s affidavit’s would continuously state how Terry would be in a cold sweat, from nursing home to nursing home, and Terri would be crying when Michael would leave her room.
A pattern that would follow Michael no matter where Terri went.

What would Michael say, or do, behind locked door, that would cause a person with (no legal) feelings to cry?

But none of that seemed to matter - people in this condition can't complain...and if it is your very own guardian doing this to you - what are you going to do if even the courts won't remove him? - these same courts that will remove a life and ignore all the signs of inhuman treatment and abuse?

Would Michael’s response be that Terri wasn’t conscious so she didn’t need the stimuli?

Then why bother to go to extreme efforts to make sure such that no one was permitted to provide her with comforts and stimulus?
It shouldn’t have mattered.
But it seemed to matter a great deal to Michael.
He yelled at a nurse who simply put a washcloth thru Terri’s fingers.
He called it Therapy. Perhaps it was also physical contact from a man who demanded ‘control’.
But what exactly was the 'harm'?

Even, after reading the individual case, if you are one who would stand rigid in some "right to die" belief, in that Terri wasn’t aware of her surroundings, would you go out of your way at every opportunity to torture her parents?

Would you intimidate and bully and raise holyHell if someone so much as gave your loved one a foot massage?

You see that is exactly what happened here and the profile of an abuser is in every nook and cranny of Michael’s house of cruelty.

Yes, I say abuser.

This was Never a Case of Right to Die, for Michael-- nor a case of defining Life--

He could never even hold on to a job. Why? Six jobs in 2 years?
He verbally abused and intimidated staff to such a degree that they had to seek a restraining order.
The day Terri ‘collapsed’ she and Michael had an argument because she, had spent money to have her hair done.
Michael would check the mileage on her car.
Michael stalked his xgirlfriend and ran her off the road.
Michael also went for Terri's sister and was blocked by Mr. Schindler.
Michael attacked Booby Schindler and grabbed him by the throat...
Michael was on (psyco-something -antidepresents--refind name) drugs.

Ponder on it.
(further abuse that was found - to be added here)

Michael was and still is controlling.

There is a real personality trait here to be explored.

When Terri’s parents insisted that Michael treat their daughter – his ‘wife’ - with medicine and therapy they threatened Michael’s plans to withhold all Care – true
Which would begin to deplete Terri’s Bank account - true
Michael turned his temper on them. - True

He has repeatedly stated that his actions and attitude towards the Schindlers is because they made him go to court. Made his Life hell.(see King transcripts)

I don’t see that the Schindler's had any choice other than to let Michael get away with killing their daughter.

Why...why such an obsession to kill this child?

If one is to insist that Terri was not conscious, unaware of her surroundings, didn’t feel pain, and wasn’t really smiling up at her mother, then why this tremendous effort to end her life?

According to Schiavo’s camp, Terri isn’t even aware she is alive so she wouldn’t even have the capacity to care, or even know.

If she doesn't know she is alive what is the problem if her parents want to take care of her?
According to Michael, because it’s not what Terri would want.

Terri wanted a divorce too, did she get that?

Did Judge Greer view her divorce “wish” as hearsay?

[re-find rhoades deposition - before Terri's collapse she and Terri planned on divorcing husbands and moving in together to share expenses]

Well he allowed hearsay as “clear and convincing” evidence to issue a death sentence, why not a divorce decree to allow Life?

Michael Schiavo has been engaged to and living with Jodie Centonze since 1997 - they met in 1995. They have been together for last 10 years. Michael has fathered two children with Jodi Centonze. Even though he hangs on to his marriage with Terri to retain his guardianship Michael has demonstrated that he has moved on.
Why not allow the divorce the Schindlers sought for in court because of Michael's adultry?

It would have ended the whole case with the Schindler's as the new guardian.

But even that was thrown out.

The uproar from ‘right to lifers’ and right to die-ers, religious vs. secular, and court vs. legislators has completely obfuscated the facts in Terri’s case.

In fact some have infiltrated their personal doctrines, and agendas, into Terri’s life and death, while witnesses with no agenda or axe to grind were completely removed.

My own personal bias is that the entire case, as I research, smells to high heaven of lies, abuse, fraud, and the silencing of a witness forever.

Think about it for just a moment......IF these were never Terri's 'wishes' then the entire case comes down to Terri's 'husband' doing everything in his, and other's, powers to kill his 'wife'.


Witnesses, in sworn affidavits, have reported That Michael Schiavo stated he did NOT know, or EVER discuss with Terri, what to do in this kind of ‘artificial’ situation. (list the affidavits here)

The news would have you believe that these witnesses version did not stand up to Michaels, or his brothers and sisters-in-laws, version of Terri’s wish to die.

I’d like to know if any of Terri monies have ever been ‘loaned’ out to anyone,[like family members] but Judge Greer has Never made Michael account for any of the dollars he has spent.

Do you know that brother and sister-in-law didn’t come forward until after the year 2000?

Yes, they too suddenly recalled Terri’s wishes after, Richard L. Pearse, Terri’s second guardian-ad litems report indicated that Michael was the only alleged witness to Terri’s wishes to die, after having procured money to care for Terri, and that he found Michaels reason to remove Terri from Life Support (a feeding tube) to be motivated by his inheritance of, and his interest in, Terri’s medical funds.

His report stated that Terri’s feeding tube should NOT be removed.

Well, this man was removed instead as Terri’s guardian ad litem.
Michael, petitioned to have him removed for ‘bias’…
The Judge excepted Pearse’s report, dismissed him as Terri’s advocate-guardian, and went on to ignore the report in favor of Michael.
The man, Pearse, evaluated the case, as was his function, but his conclusions because they did not meet Michael Schiavo’s position, were deemed ‘biased’.

So how was Terri’s ‘due process’ afforded?

If you think about that for a minute, the only other ad litem that Judge Greer could have replaced Dr. Pearse with, would be an ad litem who would find for the ‘other side’…the only report that could have been submitted, and excepted, would have been one in favor of Michael.

Biased? Impartial Trial? Greer transformed into an advocate?

There - were 2 other ad litems that would come later…and indeed they would rule for the house of Michael.

What other laws have Judge Greer ignored and broken?

A yearly report must be filed by guardians to account for how they will use dollars, such as in Terri’s account, or the Guardian can be removed, but Judge Greer has ignored that Law, found against the Schindlers again, and continued to let Michael remain Terri’s guardian.
(more on this to follow)

The truth is that Judge Greer NEVER allowed the witnesses versions to be heard, and be part of the record, because he said, he had already made his decision, and a whole year had passed since his decision, and so, too much time had passed…new evidence- DENIED.

A Timeframe limit on the right to truths, and a defense that proved Michael Schiavo to have lied about his ‘wife’s’ wishes. DENIED.

Had the court not ignored, and refused rebuttal to Michaels statements the preponderance of doubt would have had to come down on the ‘side for life’ as is in Florida law.

There was ‘reasonable doubt’, and evidence, that Terri Ever stated that she would want to be removed from Life Support because the husband early on in Terri’s hospitalization made comments to nursing staff that he and she had never discussed what to do.

Judge Greer never allowed for a ‘side for life’ outcome.

Although he must have known in his mind, that the mere allegations showed a concerted effort by a husband to put his ‘wife’ to death, as the medical history shows, Judge Greer dismissed common sense and blamed ‘the law’, untimely events, procedure, and precedent as the obstruction to truth and life.
Judge Greer compounded this death sentence by sealing up all medical records that could be used to prevent truth of abuse from coming OUT and a Life from being taken.

It wasn’t until Governor Jeb Bush intervened, in 2000, that some medical records were revealed that indicated a horrific case of abuse had been covered up. Further records have been denied, and abuse charges have been ignored.
Judge Greer has refused to open the records to review.
This is good Law?
This is protection of Terri Schiavo’s rights?
Protection of Terri’s alleged, hearsey, ‘right to die’ issue circumvents and precedes all other rights?

The court is supposed to render itself blind and stupid to suspicious circumstance?

What about Terri’s right to have whoever her abuser was brought to lite and prosecuted?
Do we think Terri would not have wanted that?
Is that not the right of anyone of whom a crime has been committed against?
What would Terri have been able to tell us back when she was beginning to speak and communicate until all therapy was removed and she began a backslide?

Who broke all her bones, and what happened the night she collapsed?

Every attempt in this case to get some justice, and answers were simply blocked:

Repeated demands for a criminal investigation into the matter have fallen on deaf ears with Pinellas and Pasco County state attorney Bernie McCabe claiming that the statute of limitations had passed, even though there is evidence that additional alleged criminal wrongdoing may have occurred in the case.

Filed Complaint, requesting investigation and subsequent response by the Office of Mr. Bernie McCabe, State Attorney, Pinellas & Pasco Counties, Florida Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida

Date of Complaint: Tuesday, June 3, 2003
Request: Office of the State Attorney to open an investigating based on the following:
1.) Evidence of Michael Schiavo’s possible domestic abuse, and attempted murder,
2.) Michael Schiavo’s perjured testimony and subsequent fraud on the court stemming from malpractice trial and his misuse of Terri’s intended trust,
3.) The sealed finances of Terri’s medical trust fund.
Note: Complaint was filed with over 20 pages of supporting documentation verifying the need for investigation.

Date of Response: Thursday, June 12, 2003, by Assistant State Attorney Robert Lewis
In a phone call to Terri’s father, Robert Schindler, Mr. Lewis concluded that there are no crimes to investigate any further based on the following:
1.) Mr. Lewis read Michael Schiavo's malpractice transcripts and even though Schiavo vowed to care for Terri in the future, he is permitted to change his mind,
2.) Posting Do Not Resuscitate order is normal for patients like Terri,
3.) Perjury at trial is beyond statute of limitations,
4.) Terri’s bills are being paid and therefore there is no need to look into the finances,
5.) Bone scan may show injuries, but if Schaivo beat Terri and strangled her, it is beyond the statute of limitations.

In this case death would be rendered first, as handed out by Judge Greer, as Terri’s Judge jury and advocate, and any other issues would therefore be non-issues.

Judge George Greer stated that "death would render the allegations of decade-long abuse moot."

What is this? Another way for bad Law to render itself not responsible and unanswerable too anyone, for anything? Even death?

Who is going to be able to present Terri’s case for injustice, and present facts now that the bad Law has prevailed, and all of Florida’s courts have ruled, as Greer did, that past decisions cannot be re-looked at?

If minimal consciousness can be found anywhere it would seem to be in Judge Greer’s courtroom.
His flatline EKG and brain dead decisions are only equaled by his guardians in the appellate and supreme courts of justice. (I have removed the ‘caps’)

If they ever deserve 'the Caps' I'll give them back. But It's too late for Terri.

They wouldn't even review and protect the constitutional rights of a human being because they were indignant that another branch of government would question their authority and the separation of powers?

Is this AMERICA, or a turf war?

Precedent case law always has to come from, and begin somewhere, and Judge Greer could have established a very important case history that in the future could have prevented spousal/guardians/ from inaccurately and untruthfully reporting another human beings ‘wishes’.

It took Michael 7 years to recall Terri's 'wishes'- but not to much time had passed for that revelation. For other witnesses 'responding to' that recollection- to much time had passed, and were biased for one reason and another...

Where is Terri’s equal protection under the Law?

Are all feeding Tubes to be pulled tomorrow in federal class action homicide?

Of course not, for each case is different, and each has it’s own set of circumstance that must be reviewed on its individual merit.

This really was not done in Terri’s case. I don't care what the pundits say about it being the longest, and most reviewed case in 'right to die' cases in it must be JUST.
Read the records people.

In fact Terri’s case will now be cited in future cases to silence the disabled; forever. ..

When the legislature stepped in it was to ask for an individual review of a highly suspicious case being unfairly conducted due to, among many things, apparent bad Law.

Not only did he, Judge Greer, give Terri a death penalty, he provided for others, of the same future circumstances, to be put to death by not allowing for honest precedent, and full review, to be established as common Law and sense.

A sensible solution was never arrived at in this case.

There simply was absolutely no reason not to give custody of Terri to the parents who wanted only to care for her, love her, and include her in their lives.

One of Terri’s best friends recalls watching a movie about a person on Life support (I forget which one- Qunlin?) and Terri saying: “Where there is Life, there is Hope.”

The courts choice of words is: “Where there is minimal response, there is vegetation”

I say to you if I show you a head of lettuce, then that is a vegetable.
When I show you a human-being that person can never be a head of lettuce.

The un-Living Will of the courts has shamed our Nation.
I don't care what side of 'what' you are on- we should all be ashamed.

Hitler began his extermination with the removal of the old and disabled.
Soon the masses were inured to what was to become acceptable as the next stages of cleansing.

According to this “Dr. Alan Cranford” (michael's Doctor) he doesn’t understand what all the uproar is about—“this kind of thing happens hundreds of times a day…”

This is the same guy who says Alzheimer’s and dementia patients should be put to death -

This is one of the “Doctors” that Michael used in court to put Terri to death.

It is doubtful that Terri ever expressed the wish to be removed from Life support as her ‘husband’ suddenly recalls some 6-7 years later …and is disputed by witnesses of 6-7 years before—it is even more doubtful that she ever would have wanted to be starved and dehydrated to death.

We tried & Hung people by the neck in the Hague for such practices and called it, inhumane, and ‘war crimes’.

We who demand civil, and humane rights, of other countries, sat by helplessly while a young girl was starved and dehydrated to death while surrounded by armed guards who would prevent a loving mother, father, and siblings from wetting her parched lips.

The Schiavo camp would continue to tell us what a beautiful way to die it was… and that she wasn’t REALLY being starved to death – because death from other causes would come far before starving could take place…(George Felos- “People don’t starve to death from removing feeding tubes”-)

Yeah, George, Terri didn't die from starvation… she died from that which caused her organs to shut down, the body chemistries to become unbalanced, and her heart to stop - THAT cause was her being dehydrated to death - purposely, and not naturally.

Felos's argument is like saying that being shot doesn't kill people - it's the being unable to recover, that does it to you.

People don't kill people - bullets do.

Does that make you feel better, George, because she died from 'other causes', before starving could take place?

Felos watercolors the oily canvas again.
He and Michael still fired the shot heard round the world, and Terri was not able to respond nor recover from their aim.

Dehydration would cause her to have an electrolyte imbalance and cause Felos's purported peaceful heart attack… after 14 days of agony that they 'say' Terri didn't feel, and described as 'beautiful', while minimizing their responsibilty to an act of wonderful nature and modern suppository.

…it’s the most natural, best way, well maybe second best way, to die, says the husband on King Live…

So hey, let us not send any more food around the world anymore because they are not going to die from starvation! – lets just send people's water and keep them electrolytes going.

Hell let's just manufacture electrolytes!! Probably alot easier to ship.

In fact let’s have a new reality TV show we all can watch on CNN.

Let’s ask Felos and Michael and all his paid-for ideological mouthpieces, who killed Terri, to go into a room, with video cameras, for 9-10-14 days without food and water. And let us see weather they are in any Pain and weather they think it to be so peaceful and beautiful?
None of them have a conscience so they certainly qualify under the new guidelines they have set into precedent.

I’d love to see their own Living Wills – I’d bet it says Do Not Pull My Feeding Tube

Painless and Peaceful
A beautiful way to die

This is not America. Is it? It just can’t be.

I just don’t get it anymore…this has become the Land where you can piss on the Flag, but you can’t salute it.

Incredible where freeeedom is taking us.

No common sense.


We take a person’s food and water away, by force if necessary, and call it a “natural death”.


The only thing Terri needed to remain alive is food and water, and up until her therapy was removed 10-12 years ago she was progressing and could swallow.

Shall we take food and water away from every patient in the hospitals;
or is it only that we should take food and water away from those who need it thru a Tube?
Or is it just that we take food and water away from those who wish to be starved and dehydrated to death?
Can u imagine, actually, saying that?
Ah- yeah- if I’m ever on a feeding tube, man, disconnect me.

I guess I have actually read people who have written statements on the Net that they would.

I’ve printed them out for anyone local- if I hear you’ve been in an accident I’ll make sure to deliver your wishes to the Hospital.
What a pal uh?

But please, let us take this a step further.

Do you believe for a moment that it was Terri’s “wishes” to be denied food and water “naturally”?

Judge Greers order: …
”ORDERED and ADJUDGED that Respondents Emergency Expedited Motion for Permission to Provide Theresa Schiavo with Food and Water by Natural Means is DENIED.”

Think about it—the “Life Support” excuse that she is receiving her nutrition “artificially”, was removed.

Do you at all see how easy it becomes to jump from a court ordered society to remove “artificial life support” [in Judge Greer’s first death order]
too removal of food and hydration {in his second order – with no mention, or reference of ‘medical’ “life support”}
too removal of Food and Water by any ‘Natural Means’ [in his third order.]
(links later)

Judge Greer in his denial of allowing Terri nutrition “naturally” has redefined Life-Support in the State of Florida.

Think about this - It is now currently against the law for you to receive food and water by natural means in Florida,[and its implications as precedent Nationally] because in Judge Greer’s Opinion it is “an experiment’.

I bet the Pope is glad Michael wasn’t in charge of weather or not he received anti-biotics or he would have died before they could put the Pope’s feeding tube in thru his nasal passage –
Please note the PRESS is quick to point out that the difference in nutritional Need is the way it is delivered and That it’s only temporary.
Can’t you see their minds scrambling to justify a ‘difference’?

Terry was never allowed therapy and never allowed swallowing tests beyond 1993.
Terry did swallow saliva everyday though. Approximately 2 liters a day.

2 Liters a day of water would have kept Terri alive.

But the Judge said No…no feeding or hydrating ‘naturally’.
I rest my case, your disHonor.

What is your Version of LIFE SUPPORT?
I’m asking because the courts version of removing LIFE SUPPORT, if you still find this ludicrous or unsubstantiated, -
included the absolute Denial of the parents feeding or giving any water to their daughter orally...

So it went far beyond simply removing a feeding Tube;
or now a supposed different version of Artificial LIFE SUPPORT.

A Nutritional Life Support that you and I enjoy, at a breakfast table because our hands work, or to a mother who spoon feeds her child, and, isn’t delivered in our nose, belly, or IV, has also been declared ‘medical sustenance’?

This judge has/had/ refused her even the right to be fed and given food and water orally; naturally!!!

Judge Greer denied her the ‘right to life’.

Executed, by court order, for the crime of disability, under the guise of privacy.

You may have heard many people state, and/or read/ in many website blogs that “THEY would never want to be like that, and believe she is “better off dead.”

What you see in those statements goes to “quality of life”.

What you hear them saying is that they’d rather be dead, and that is what those Polls reflected.

They have no right to assume ,or determine, that Terri would rather be dead.

I have actually heard a few times in my life someone look at an amputee in a wheelchair, like a Christopher Reeves, and say out loud: Man, I wouldn’t want to live like that!!
But when it comes right down to it, and you find yourself disabled, you can, and do, find ways and means to live like That.
We see the struggle for ‘life’ every day in the disabled.

People like Reeves hoped for and worked for cures.

People Like Michael hoped for and worked for Terri’s demise, and never spent a dime or a thought on cure or hope since 1992.

What we have seen through Terri’s plight, in so many ways, and so many people’s different views, is HOW LIFE is being re-defined in, and from, every quarter.

Despite the facts that 43% of the time PVS is known to be misdiagnosed, as a condition, a death penalty can be imposed.

If 43% of death row inmates were found to have been misjudged, for their crimes, the death penalty would have long ago been abolished.

Schiavo:”Persistent Vegetative State, in the state of Florida, is considered terminal

Michael says she has been this way for 15 years...
And this wording is precisely how Michael, his team of lawyers, his biased doctors, were able to warehouse Terri away into a hospice for the terminally ill when Terri was not terminal at all.

Be afraid People.

If they can play word games with actual life then it comes to my mind that if someone is under suspicion of causing, or putting, a person into a state of PVS, considered by Florida to be 'terminal', and that state 'of terminal' is somehow then considered to no longer be a Living Breathing Human Being - then the occurrance that caused this PVS should also be indentified with homicide, rather than attempted murder, which has no stautes of limitations and can be investigated.

I heard on the news that there are 23 States that CAN IGNORE whatever you write in a Living Will – and the Doctor can decide for you – against any wishes you have written. (Dorothy Timbs – National Right to Live)

If this is so, why is it so imperative to carry out Terri’s alleged wishes at any cost, while flexibility has already been established?

How could, or why could, All the Doctors who stated Terri was NOT in a Permanent Vegetative State be ignored?
Because, the courts time and again refused to re-look at Judge Greer’s death sentence.

A Persistent State of Arrogance!

I need to point out here that many people I talked to about this case said Terri had an expressed [if not written-(some thought it was)] right to die.
That Terri was brain dead; [that Terri was in a coma]
That Terri had suffered a heart attack caused by bulimia and choking on vomit.
That, the courts had ruled [fairly] and had reviewed the case over and over and over again, so the courts must be right.
That the husband was only following thru with his wife’s wishes.
That the husband had ‘taken Care of her’ for 15 years. That the husband had spent all His own money on her Care.
That ALL the doctors said she could not recover and was a vegetable. That Congress was out of line [for stepping in].
That religious people were interfering with freedom to die.
That protesters were simply a bunch of people against abortion…

My poll showed they were watching CNN/or their local news.

By the time I had explained, to each, the words you are reading now, to each of their arguments, every single one of them changed their opinion, about Terri’s case, and were outraged that this could happen in America to any human being.

Several would maintain that they wouldn’t want to live like that, but agreed things didn’t add up correctly in this individual case.

If Terri couldn’t swallow then she would die.
Butt we’ll never know if she could have maintained life in the same way as you and I, without that tube, because she was forbidden to even try.

At an appeals court hearing in August 2001, Felos, Michael Schiavo’s attorney, set a high standard for personhood. “The litmus test is whether or not a person can bring a spoon to their mouth,” he said.
Later he would say:… that to be counted among the living one must at least be able to “ask for a ham sandwich.”

Incredible – this is the man who won in nearly every argument to put Terri to death.

Her Loving ‘husband’ refused to let her be tested and, if necessary, taught to swallow food.
Judge Greer denied and refused any tests to be performed by Doctors.

Because of that refusal the ONLY alternative was, or would have been, to keep the feeding tube in year after year.
Not in Judge Greer's Court, Felos's 14 day beautiful death, or Michael's second best way to die alternative.

If she had eaten, and drank, and swallowed, would that have not shown that she wanted to LIVE?

Ironically, you would have heard the Schiavo camp say it was “just an involuntary reflex”.

You think I’m kidding?

(Note I have found on the net that Greer made the following statement- and I have found that it was also attributed to Dr. Alan Cranford, the bioethicist who found Terri not worthy of life.
I will have to research deeper to find some original format as to the actual author:

These presumed neurological facts and assertions by the Schindler family, their lawyer, Pat Anderson, and others about Terri’s neurological condition are all completely and categorically false, with one exception. Patients in a vegetative state usually retain an intact swallowing reflex and thus can swallow to some degree in an involuntary, reflex fashion. Swallowing tests performed on Terri Schiavo in 1990, 1991, and 1992 all showed severe oropharyngeal dysphagia, compatible with the vegetative state. No further swallowing tests were ever performed again in her subsequent clinical course, since Terri Schiavo never improved, and there was no valid reason for believing these swallowing tests would be any different today than they were over 10 years ago. Thus, Terri Schiavo does have the ability to swallow, like most other patients in a vegetative state, but only in a reflex fashion. The majority of adult patients in a permanent vegetative state, like Terri Schiavo, are given nutrition and hydration by a PEG tube placed in the stomach through the abdominal wall. This form of medical treatment is the safest and most effective way of supplying long-term nutrition and hydration to an unconscious patient. (29) It is possible (but highly unlikely) that, with a great deal of attention and care, and an understanding of how to optimize swallowing by using the involuntary swallowing reflex, Terri’s nutritional and hydration needs could be maintained by the oral route (as is the case in many children in a permanent vegetative state, where parents and health care professionals spend many hours at the bedside feeding these children by mouth by utilizing the involuntary swallowing reflex). But such an undertaking is medically inadvisable, as it would greatly increase the risk of aspiration pneumonia and death.

…So hummmm…It must be this courts finding that we’ll starve & dehydrate her to death instead…of taking that risk…?

If it were not so tragic it would be funny. I’d have to add ‘minimal intelligence’ in Judge Greer’s courtroom, and complete lack of logic.

The author is actually also saying the ONLY SAFE WAY to feed you is with a Feeding Tube – Yet he pulls it.

…I can’t allow you to feed her because it might cause her death…

Can you imagine how frustrating this must have been for these parents?

Is it any wonder, at all that, the Schindler’s had to keep appealing these asinine judgments?

Terri’s communion allegedly was given to her thru her tube just before she was unplugged -
yet the husbands attorney assured everyone yesterday that when her time has come she will receive it one more time ---

well, with her tube removed I ask you - how do they expect her to swallow it a second time?
Apparently they do believe her to be able to swallow, or its just another of their “she’s in a blissfully beautiful state of peace” full Lies

But they never told you that they believed Terri could swallow by reflex did they?

They have her on morphine, as she lies dying - why?

They have said she does not feel PAIN

When the dentist yanked 5 of her rotten teeth out, because her ‘loving husband’ has refused her dental care for all these years, did they use Novocain?
If so why?
According to the Schiavo people she can’t feel pain.
Why is this Dentist so silent?
Who was he?
Michael’s Dentist friend?
I’d like to know weather she cried out when they started to yank out those teeth and then administered shots…
because they’d like us all to believe that Terri’s death was painless and peaceful, and shots would show they knew otherwise.

If your spouse or child was on “life Support”, weather you agree with Life Support or not, would you, as a loving spouse/parent/ refuse to have his/her hygiene taken care of?
Would you let their teeth rot and fall out?
Loving-Michael did.

Terri depends on food and water to stay alive, just like everybody else!

This is murder.

This was murder.

I have to wonder how long it could be before ‘penicillin’ is considered Life Support.

Wait a minute! I did think That before I began looking into this and discovered peeps are removing peoples anti-biotics - somehow I thought I was just being facicous...what an awakening!

Judge Greer allowed Michael Schiavo’s hearsay statements into the record but refused to entertain statements of others who had learned of Schiavo’s untruthful comments and came forward, because he had already made a decision and ruled.

This is not justice; this is not common sense; this is not RIGHT. …

And if this type of Law is the Law- then it must be changed.
And that is the job of another branch of government to make, change, alter, amend or remove when a law is found to be in need of any of the above.
It is not really any different than the legal branch reviewing and removing Law as Unconstitutional.
The Legislative Branch recognized flaws in within a system of law that needed to be changed, reviewed or re-looked at.
Especially in a case where the outcome of obstructing evidence would be death, and the hearing of facts would allow for reasonable doubt and require a LIFE verdict.
(more on this)

There is at least one nurse who states, in avadavat, that the husband would enquire “is she dead yet?”;
“is the BITCH dead yet?”
1: This is not the type of comment from a loving caring husband I mean the case for How much Mr. Schiavo loves his ‘wife’ should have ended right there.
No spouse who shows that kind of scorn and disdain for the handicapped would ever be employed to care for a human being, (yet he is) let alone should ever be a guardian. (And he was)

Yet Judge Greer ignored these signs for the contempt this ‘loving husband’ has for his ‘wife’ and has blocked every attempt to have Michael removed as guardian.
Even though it is quite clear that Mr. Schiavo won a court case involving monies received to care for his wife, calculated on her Life Expectancy, for the rest of her life, to include therapy, none has been given to Terri since 1993.

How could a Judge ignore that?

Greer says:…”since Terri Schiavo never improved
How the Sam-hell was she expected to improve, or allowed to improve, Judge??

The entire mindset of this court is that none of that mattered (past tense – rest in peace Terri) because if it was Terri’s wish to die then nothing else matters…any occurrence since or in between is negligible to her alleged pre-injury-wishes, apparently.
Not any of the unanswered questions count as to her collapse, or the timeframe in which Michael suddenly remembers that Terri would never want to live on Life Support.
Witnesses are ignored, such as the one who came forward to state that Terri was going to Divorce Michael.

During the Malpractice lawsuit, Michaels attorneys begged her not to say a word about the impending divorce or it would sway the outcome of a monetary settlement ---shhhhhhhh

Again I say after this fraud - then the husband who has been given monies to care for his wife - then proceeds to claim there is no further help for her - and will give none - and has given none since.

The courts ignored all the red flags and violated Terri disability rights to care and Therapy.

The courts would find that hearsay and privacy outweighed a human life.
In Greer’s view a human life is not human even if it can swallow naturally on its own if anyone can come forward to state verbally that a person didn’t want to live in a ‘certain’ way… that person, in present tense, being able to know what that ‘certain’ way is.

Have you tried writing a Living Will?
I have.

There’s no way I conceivably can understand, or come up with, a list and how to handle the multitude of possibilities of injuries, or incapacitations, arising from a selection of injuries I have not yet sustained, or the degree of debilitation which I have yet to experience.

How would I even possibly know what specifics treatments or circumstances would be without a crystal ball?

A Doctor is a doctor to heal and save lives.

What time length do I give myself in my mind to be on a breathing tube, before it is ok with me to pull it?

“Well, nurse, it’s been 20 days –
his living will says Pull it on 20 –
But Doctor I saw him scratch his nose last night –
That was just a reflex nurse. Besides his insurance ran out 10 days ago- pull it nurse- I got a T- time- see ya”

This Living Will to live will thing-- I’d hate to be a patient with two broken arms and legs, and my jaws wired up, in the State of Florida and find out my wife’s been sleepin’ with my Doctor who has just hung a “Do Not Feed’ (DNF) order over my bed. Especially if she’s got my Living Will in her hand.

It is said that the good thing (how could anyone possibly make that statement?) to come of all this is that people are rushing to fill out their Living –wills.

My Will-toLive-Will, (because it seems if you don’t have one, you are subject to extermination) will forbid starvation and dehydration as a means to get me off somebody’s books, because all my funds and/or insurance have been used up; or because I am depleting someone’s inheritance.

Nutrition is a natural Right.

And don't forget - you will hear of it more and more now- people are going to be unplugged by their health care or doctors despite their having a written will - Mark my words.

But listen – why should I even have to have a Living will to live will?

How can society have gone so far off the track that I even have too protect myself from being killed in a Health care System?

Why don’t I have the right to EXPECT full and proper medical treatment at all times, in any condition of consciousness, right up until I pass away ‘naturally’?
No, Not Michael’s and Felos and Greer’s version of ‘natural’ either!

Doctors have a job to do, as do all health care trained people.
What happened to the Oath “to do no harm?”
Why do we now have to protect ourselves from a system that no longer works to “do no harm” and protect, heal, and prolong life by providing Life sustaining medical care?

An Out of control medical system –

I have known 5-8 people who had strokes – they almost all recovered.
A lot of people don’t. I am prone to stroke. I developed high blood pressure several years ago. How do I know, or describe, at what point to do, or not to do, without knowing what my actual condition will be if it ever happens? There’s no way to know –
...perhaps I am uncommunicative butt I can hear everyone around me- and they are all talking about unplugging me – but I don’t want to die – but, I wrote that stupid Living will, because I was forced too, knowing that I can not expect prolonged medical care to extend my life, or laws with common sense enough to save me from Health Care that will kill me.

I can’t change my mind once I have written that Directive. On the other hand - … I have to depend on some Doctor, who is supposed to save my life, not end it, or a court, who has the compassion of a doorknob, or family member, whom I may be burdening, to choose for me.

I shouldn’t have to say, or write anything – You people’s should be saving Life, Not taking it.

But that is not the real world, is it?

Medical Perversion.

Do not forget: · Feeding Tubes in Florida, and elsewhere, were not always considered “artificial life support,” but people lobbied and saw fit to change the Law to make it so.

Bioethics, the tiny steps.

Be afraid people.

This woman, Terri, wasn’t terminal.
She didn’t have anything in writing, and even though one could see her eyes LIGHT UP in several of the videos with her mother, doctors were found, one from the Hemlock Society, to testify she was in a Persistent State of Unworthiness. PSU.

Judge Greer, in Removing Terri’s first guardian-ad leitum who’s report went against removing Terri’s feeding tube and recommended many therapies that he believed would help Terri to recover in a more ‘acceptable’ (my own quote) state of being, agreed with the Hemlock Society agenda.

I’ll have to re-find one of his rulings where he describes (paraphrased) peoples view of disability as ‘offensive’ and a burden…

Hey, try giving me some therapy, and medical tests to see what's wrong with me, and maybe I won’t be so burdensome.

Reportedly - Up until all therapy was removed from Terri she was swallowing- eating Jell-O - she was speaking - Mommy - Pain - etc
Michael continues to tell us that Terri has Never spoken.

Well someone is lying then …
Who, in the records, has been shown to have been so inconsistent, and yet his credibility accepted as gospel?

Do all of the nurses lie? Or only the ones who have come forward or given information – because nearly everyone of them that have come forward to speak in defense of Terri’s past condition have been subsequently fired.
Those who were afraid to be fired would slip notes to the Schindlers to try to keep them informed of what Michael was doing; or what Terri’s condition was.

Mary Schindler, who was trying to protect the jobs of those who kept her informed, was told by Judge Greer if she wouldn’t give up the names of those who were informing her of these things, that he would find against them.
She pleaded their jobs would be in jeopardy, and the judge felt there was no clear evidence that that allegation could be true – despite others who had been fired when coming up against Michael and his orders and treatments (mis-treatments)
Can you imagine knowing the only person/s looking out for Terri, to give you information, could be removed if you name them? It proved so in the past.
Outrageous…all the parents were trying to get the courts to do was to enforce an earlier court order that ordered Michael to keep the parents informed of Terri’s medical condition.
But they wouldn’t rat out the only person/s keeping an eye on Terri for them; so the Judge once again ignored the LAW, requiring Michael to keep them informed, and throws their case out. (re-find the transcript)

These are the type of judgments that The Schiavo camp wants you to believe were just one in many that they won over and over again – showing that the courts believed in them and their case.

Oh, 19 judges looked at this, and –
…Well are they all blind lazy and stupid then; or just plain arrogant because their tenure is protected and Congress pissed them off?

They simply would not look at it anew – and LOOK at what the outcry was all about.

Did Terri die because the judicial system refused to be budged because of their reported statements that Congress should mind it’s own business and stay out of their backyard?

Who EVER got to speak for Terri in Greer’s court, and the Florida judiciary system?

How is it that Terri who was communicating, who did feel, and express pain, arrived at such a point that those around her could possibly discuss if she was minimally conscious or in Permanent Vegetative State/PVS while these people gathered on different sides of their own ideologies to determined weather or not a non-terminal person could be dehydrated to death?

Excuse me; Starve or dehydrate an animal, in any State, and see how fast your buns are in jail for cruelty…and people look at you like you’re some kind of monster as they lead you away handcuffed…animals are afforded more rights and compassion, than a disabled human being?

It Must be so now, cause I haven’t seen a dawg yet that can ask for ‘a ham sandwich’, but a dawg can expect better treatment and justice then anyone on a feeding tube.

What has happened to people’s common sense when they are mixing it in with their ideologies?

Right is right; Wrong is wrong;

Removing the therapy is, at least, one reason that put Terri into the debilitating slide of her present condition for the last 12 years of sensory deprivation, isolation, AND leaving her TO VEGETATE.

It was not only her RIGHT to proper therapy, it is the Law.
But That Law has also been ignored by Judge Greer.

Not only was Terri not given therapy but also the money in her account for her long-term care was used by Michael to pay for attorneys to end her life.
Almost all of it has gone to the lawyers – and Judge Greer OK-ed it.

As recently as last month I saw Michael on Larry King state Terri had some 50 thousand left in her account.

That makes it sound like Michael has been spending it away on Terri’s care…not SO!
Attorney Felos alone has used nearly $400,000 of Terri’s therapy money; and a reported -$80,000 to another attorney, Bushnell… Somewhere i found that Michael pays himself also...(re-find tally sheet)

There is No telling how much, and where, more of Terri’s Care monies went to because Michael has never had to account for it – but Felos, obscured the public truth, a polite way to say he lied, from Larry King and to millions watching, when he stated that Terri’s Rehab money had gone for her medical.

FELOS: Terri got the bulk of the money.
KING: OK, which was used for her rehab and for her medical expenses?
FELOS: Medical expenses.

Simple misappropriation of truth.
Nearly all of Terri's medical and rehab monies went to the lawyers.

On May 6, 2004, a Pinellas county court struck down legislation (“Terri’s Law”) passed by the Florida legislature and signed by Governor Jeb Bush, which was designed to halt a previous attempt to starve Terri Schiavo to death.
On May 7, 2004 — only one day after the ruling — Judge Greer received a campaign gift from the law firm of Michael Schiavo’s attorney. This was not due to a fundraising effort, as this was the only contribution made to the Greer campaign fund on that particular day.

When asked about it on TV, Felos, said there was nothing unusual about it; that attorneys often made contributions to judges…
It seems in fact that MANY of Schiavo’s attorneys have made contributions also, right from the very beginning of this case.
[The Corners Office isn’t an elected position is it?]

Reportedly, Felos, had to remove himself from the Board of Directors of the same Hospice compound in which Terri was sent to die when he took over Michael Schiavo’s case to avoid a conflict of interest.
That is the way it is reported.
That is another obscured lie – Felos remained on the Board of Directors for YEARS while representing Michael – until he was questioned on it, and only then did he resign.

A hospice is where one goes to die.
Of course we know Terri was being sent there to die.
[I read somewhere, though not confirmed, that The Judges wife sits on the Hospice Board of Directors. I was unable at this time to find a list of members. It is probably not correct.]

…Greer receives highly inappropriate contributions…
Why was Judge Greer not removed for conflict of interest? In fact, for other reasons, (I have to re-find ) , Judge Greer was asked be removed from the case several times; as IS PERMITTED by Florida LAW…and even That was denied.

Terri who is/was/ not terminally Ill should never have been sent to a Hospice in the first place. If Terri had been found NOT TO BE TERMINAL she would have been transferred to a nursing facility anywhere else, and in any other case… but not so in a Hospice that Felos was a ‘past’ member of – and certainly still has a later controlling interest in.
In other words don’t rock the boat when Felos is probably coming back on board.
So, Terri remained under the strict watchful eye of two men determined that she would die in an environment that could be controlled by Michael and Felos, safeguarded by Judge Greer, who had even allowed them for years to Bill medicade to be housed inside a compound that she was not terminally qualified to be in.

It’s not clear to me, how Michael, who has a job, and assets, as Terri’s ‘husband’, and an admitted 50k left in Terri’s account, qualified for medicade??

Just another investigation that should be conducted, along with the malpractice suit, which should be overturned.
Michael should have to return every dime for using the funds for other than taking care of Terri as he had pleaded in the suit.

*As of April 4, 1998, Terri’s trust fund held $713,828.85. (There is a later, higher amount somewhere – re-find it)

Michael has stated that he had invested her 1992 award of $700,000 into securities and CD’s on The Larry King Show etc …
Only $13,000 interest in 6 years Michael?
And you didn’t spend any of it, as anyone can see by the figures of 1998, on Terri’s Rehab and Care, because it was all still there in 1998, so where is all that interest Michael?

Felos lied on Larry King when he quickly answered that the money had been spent on Terri’s Medical. (B.>S.>) [re-find transcript and statement]

There is only one reason for liars to lie- and that is when they KNOW they are, or have been doing something wrong, and they need to keep whatever it is covered up with illusion.

How many more lies including this illusion that Michael put in everyone’s minds that it was 5 years before he had a relationship with other women [re-find the transcripts and timelines –]

Michael was dating nurses left and right – he admitted in one deposition, (re-find) I think it was 1993, that he had already had 2 ‘intimate relationships’…
This mans lies have never tripped him up.
In one of these early relationships, there is an affidavit (or report – re-find it) from one of his girlfriends that Michael could Not Let Go, and stalked her for a year.

Do you recognize, at all, the personality here?

It is my honest opinion, or feeling, that now that Terri is gone, and the cruelty he displayed to the parents will eventually wind down, that he will need to have new targets to fill that controlling cruel space within him.

It’s my opinion that we will hear from Jodi, one day.

He seems to operate best when people suffer.

Pain: How do we know that Terri was feeling Pain back in 1991?
Because at that time she was receiving therapy after Michael sued Prudential for Terri’s rehab – during this rehab the doctor noticed Terri experiencing great Pain while trying to manipulate her.
The doctor had a bonescan done which showed Terri to have multiple broken bones.
Since we know she didn’t have the broken bones the day before her collapse we can reasonably determine that they occurred between the night of her collapse, and aprox. 13 months later, when scans were finally ordered and multiple broken bones were shown on the films.

There are several possibilities:
0. Terri threw herself down a flight of stairs…
1.Michael beat her, the night she collapsed
2.Michael beat her, while she lay comatose in the hospital
3.Someone at the hospital beat her
4.someone at the hospital dropped her

Here is a curious thing about this sue happy husband who has stated many times that he never left her side 24 hours a day. (for fear she’d wake up?)
He has been aware of the bonescans and the injuries for at least 14 years, and he not only kept this information from the parents, but he never sued anyone at the hospital…
In addition look at the wording in the area for docors to write- it says: closed head injury

Ponder on it…

Why did Michael immediately seek out a lawyer friend (who owned the restaurant where he worked I believe it was) to get Terri’s parents to sign a document making him guardian and in full charge of Terri’s Care – ?
His reasoning’s to the parents was that he could get Terri quicker treatment…He could have done that as the ‘husband’ anyway.
So why the necessity to get a document signed?
Perhaps to keep the parents unaware of Terri’s check-in, and follow-up medical history…as Michael has done for 15 years.
The parents did not even know about these bonescans until 2003, which showed the history of ‘trauma’.

The CT scan that has been shown over and over on TV shows a “shunt” in Terri’s brain.
We know that Michael has admitted she has a stimulator that was put in back in 91 in California – but there never has been a mention of a shunt. (?)

When was this put in and why?

What diagnosis does Michael and his angels of mercy camp know about, that they have not revealed?

Why are there several doctors on net who think that this could not be Terri's brain scan?
(re-find dialouge)

Another thing, several doctors on the net say it is outrageous if Michael has left this stimulator inside her brain all these years, unattended and Not removed.

I haven’t been able to determine to what extent, if any, having not removed this stimulator may have had on her brain.

Second, Michael has stated that he stopped the stimulators ‘use’ (external activated-device?) back in 92-93, after only several months...why?

Third, that The Schiavo EXCUSE for refusing an MRI to be performed is the presence of this stimulator – which only had to be removed and an MRI could have been performed.

Not so, in the ‘do nothing’ Schiavo camp.
No MRI’s to be performed.
MRI requested
PET scan requested

Why Michael?
A PET scan would have shown which parts of Terri’s brain were performing.

In my readings of many of these problems associated with Terri’s brain problems the one thing I saw a number of times was how it would adversely affect her eyesight… we have seen images of Terri on TV where she wore glasses pre-injury…
Could it be possible she couldn’t follow your damned balloon cause she is blind?
Of course you never tested for it did you?

Did you really refuse to let her teeth be brushed?
Yeah i heard you say that she just had her teeth cleaned 3 months ago - was that before, after, or during the removal of 5 rotted teeth?

This case is just the most unbelievable miscarriage of justice and human rights and irresponsible medical care I have ever heard of – the entire system failed her.

But back to the CT scan
One Doctor on the NET viewing this CT scan says that something very fishy is going on with it.
"The most alarming thing about this image, however, is that there certainly is cortex left."

This same Doctor has given a $100,000 dollar challange to any of the TV nuerologists and those in the newspapers who can accurately single out PVS patients from functioning patients with better than 60% accuracy on CT scans.

Obviously, He doubts VERY seriously that they can, and so had no business making comments on Terri's CT scans all the while painting into the publics mind that Terri was "a vegetable"

Another Doctor i found says that this brain shows a condition known as noncommunicating hydrocephalus And in his view, is caused by an obstruction impeding spinal fluids, and this obstruction is probably due to blood clot – CAUSED BY A BLOW TO THE HEAD (refind this url or bookmark)

And here is something that I found Michael having stated; that when he brought Terri Back from California he checked her into a place called Mediplex where “they ONLY do head injury (and stroke I think it was- I’ll have to re-find his transcript)

Was that a Freudian slip Michael? You didn’t say brain injury- you said HEAD injury.

Yes i have seen the other statements has made at other times made where he changed the wording to "brain injury" - but, that's what slippery slopped attorneys are for right?

Why have you never allowed the parents to have Terri’s medical reports?

Now, let’s speculate…
...I know I didn’t hit her in the head the night she collapsed;
and I know I didn’t Mac her in the head while she was in a coma that first month of hospitalization–
so that leaves only the hospital who could have injured her –
so why have I Not SUED their butts off at some point during all these years that I have known about these injuries??

Ponder it…

But the real horrible thing, Michael, is that doctors , that you have not Paid with Terri's funds, state that this CT scan shows Terri’s brain to be TREATABLE – and she is being mis-diagnosised…she is NOT PVS –

She needs to have her fluids drained and she will be able to recover – though the time period that you have left her to rot untreated has severely damaged her, and recovery will be much LESS than it could have been 12 years ago – . (refind the statement and from who)

We can only now await the autopsy: perhaps some peoples are going to have a lot of explaining to do…

Like how medical notes show Terri’s brain scan to be normal for the first 6 days and then - suddenly ABNORMAL on the 7th day…

How does that happen?

Doctors on the Net say this is not possible unless she suffered some form of trauma between day 6 and 7…

[note:I have to relook into this- i find info stating CT scan was different 7 days later, and also other info stating CT scan different a month later - find out which - or if they are 2 different findings]

Unexplained is the rigid neck up to and including today– which has been explained by a couple experts to be a significant medical sign of strangulation … which of course cuts off the blood supply to the brain.

Michael has stated on TV that she couldn’t have been strangled because there were no bruising, or marks, on her neck…

Could a person have popped vertebrae in the neck, or disks – giving the rigid neck injury…while being smothered with a pillow??(?)

I am not saying that’s what occurred here but I am answering Michael’s allegation that she couldn’t have been strangled (asphisiated) without leaving marks on her neck… seems to me a pillow can asphixiate a person without leaving marks on the neck.

It does not explain her injured back ribs knees and ankles… or possible closed head injury.

Two things one doesn't have to speculate about Terri's bodily injuries is that when she was admitted the med notes all state she had a rigid neck and body, and that she had suffered from a lack of oxygen to the brain.

The bone injuries could have happened that night, or could have come later while in the hospital or nursing home/s.

What can't be ignored is the scans show that Terri was terribly abused.

It certainly is a mystery... one that can't be cleared up very easily after a quick cremation.

This garbage that Michael was some kind of innocent principled saint because he turned down The Schindlers offer of money to just go away,is rediculous.

Michael stood to make far more money not to except the Schindlers offer.

Then there was also Michael offering to give away, all of Terri's money to charity!

First didn't Michael give it all away, except 50K, to his Lawyers -
Second he didn't finish his charity sentence once again with his illussions.
He offered to give it away (rather than to an escrow for Terri's care) but ONLY IF the Schindlers would let him remove her feeding tube.
Magnaminous of him!

The million dollars he turned down, to save Terri from death, is NOTHING compared to the millions that he and Felos plan, and fully expect, to make on book and movie deals.
Precisely, One reason, why Michael, that loving husband, needed to stay married to Terri too retain the 'rights'.

The more controversy the better, right dear Michael?

Book, movie, speaking fees - whaddaya think? 6 -7 million?

Michael's broke, and Felos whines he hasn't been Paid in 3 years -
and he wants us to believe they'all are in it for the 'promise'?

Betcha a hundred bucks Felos has his book already written, 'cept the beautiful peaceful ending, and waiting for publication.

What A couple of parasites.

The track record so far shows Michael will probably continue to get away with all the things he has, or has not done, these last 15 years…but I don’t think the questions can go unanswered simply because Terri has been put to death and rushed to cremation.
Why was cremation so necessary to Michael?

Perhaps many people think that Michael decided to have this cremation as of March 2005 -
Nope- Michael filed for the cremation permission, in court, almost exactly when the long-buried bonescan abusive-trauma charges came to light, in October 2003.

Of course Judge Greer once again approved the cremation, despite the newfound allegations and records of abuse that had been hidden all these years. And ole Judge Greer sealed all records so no one could investigate them.

Another thing one hears and reads is that Michael couldn't have anything to hide because he 'volunteered' to have Terri autopsied - Let's set the record straight -

Another lie- one of Michael's attorney's called the Coroners office to see if an autopsy was being considered- they were told that there would be an autopsy as required by law whenever there is a cremation ordered.
(re-find the coroner article)

Just more smoking mirrors - as Felos then gets on the Tely with a statement that Michael was asking for an autopsy.

Just more lies.

Michael refuses the Schindlers to be in the room when Terri dies.

Totally in character but totally unnecessary this shameful vengence.

Even in death Michael had to be cruel to Terri’s parents and siblings and violate any form of decency.

There is a court order for Michael to inform the family where, and when, Terri's memorial will be held, and 8 days later they still have not been informed.
Just another court order Michael will be able too treat with contempt in Judge Greer's courthouse.

People say Michael will answer for this killing when he meets his maker – I say Michael needs to answer for it Here on Earth, in a court of JUST laws, while he sits in a cell waiting for his own last appeal

You can fool some of the people some of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

This was not a case of a [non terminal] persons 'right to die' ... this was a case of finishing the job that had begun 15 years earlier.

The decision to kill Terri, using ideolistic Doctors, and using the courts, has always come down to what Michael says were Terri’s wishes…and the courts decisions to continually disregard any other reasonable arguments for Life, were based on Michael’s hearsay testimony…

and yet Michael continues to slip up, as most liars with several different versions do, as I have found in his March 25 2005 Larry King transcript: …

M. SCHIAVO: I won’t give it up. Terri is my life. I’m going to carry out her wishes to the very end. This is what she wanted. It’s not about the Schindlers, it’s not about me, not about Congress, it’s about Terri………………….

KING: Have you had any contact with the family today? This is a sad day all the way around, Michael. We know of your dispute.
M. SCHIAVO: I’ve had no contact with them.
KING: No contact at all?
KING: Do you understand how they feel?
M. SCHIAVO: Yes, I do. But this is not about them, it’s about Terri. And I’ve also said that in court.
We didn’t know what Terri wanted, but this is what we want...

*We didn't know what Terri wanted* - Michael Schiavo -

R.I.P – Terri Schindler

I'm on a mission too Mikey---we shall see…